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A Modern Tropical Oasis

Introducing Mirador at Doral by Windsor, the remedy to modern city living.  Life at Mirador is about breathing room.  Whether swimming, playing, or relaxing with friends and family, our thoroughly modern amenities are designed to help you enjoy the brighter side of life.  Accessible to all our residents, making the most of our facilities is a walk in the park.  Put simply, it’s a place where we smell the trees in the morning before we smell the coffee – where we can all be freer, greener, and healthier.  And it’s right in the heart of Doral.

For the times you need to leave your apartment home retreat, we’re in the epicenter of everything that thriving Doral has to offer. Shopping, dining and leisure are all within easy reach.  We’re only half a mile from CityPlace Doral, Doral’s brand new 300,000 square foot retail and restaurant complex featuring five-star restaurants, outdoor cafes, outside common areas and plenty of lively events and entertainment options. 

What more could you want?